About Charlestown Working Theater

At the Charlestown Working Theater, we believe strongly in the empowering quality of the arts. It is an essential part of our artistic mandate to offer free quality arts programming to the youth of Charlestown. The CWT’s Arts Programming for Children and Youth fulfills many of the theater’s goals by bringing the community together in a creative enterprise. These experiences empower the participants in selecting positive lifestyle choices. By offering quality arts programming free of charge, we provide the opportunity for children and youth from differing backgrounds to come together in a nurturing and productive environment where creativity, mutuality, and responsibility are valued and encouraged.

We develop dynamic original performances; we produce the work of theater artists and companies, with a strong emphasis on developing new works; we offer affordable rehearsal and performance space to area theater companies; we produce popular community and youth productions; we offer quality theater, art, and music classes for children, largely free of charge; we make our space available to Charlestown organizations to use for meetings and events; we maintain a schedule of Special Events aimed at area families, and we offer free tickets to plays and events to local social service organizations. In remaining dedicated to offering a variety of theatrical and cultural events, forming creative partnerships, and maintaining an open exchange with its community, CWT has developed a unique synthesis of artistic exploration.

History of Charlestown Working Theater

Founded in 1979 and finding it’s home in an abandoned fire station at 442 Bunker Hill Street, The Charlestown Working Theater has been a staple of its community for 42 years. In the early 1990’s, the artistic direction of CWT was taken over by Jennifer Johnson and Kristin Johnson and John Peitso who have worked to cultivate original productions, produce the work of other artists and companies and engage heavily with the community in Charlestown. The Charlestown Working Theater has cultivated a space for the younger generation to explore art, self expression and creativity larglely free of charge as well as providing event and performance spaces to the artists that need it.